Review of the season 2014th-2015th

Foto: Erik PaladinThe club Palach, an urban legend, was a student mensa since the 50s, and was formed by a couple of students.

During its years, it changed many owners and forms.

On the 3rd October 2014, it opened its doors again and managers of the newly formed student cultural centre announced a rich programme with various genres through the weekend. The main idea was to form a place made for hanging out, having fun, meeting new people and spending one’s free time.

This Rijeka’s club organized events in all fields of public and cultural life which is an important segment considering cultural events and Rijeka’s renowned history as a city with rich alternative culture.

Rijeka city has always been an incubator for talents in all artistic and cultural fields, even though it doesn’t have many inhabitants (around 200 000 people with its surrounding area). This fact has always given further motivation and inspiration for either personal or group accomplishment. Thus, the story of Palach can be told in a thousand different ways.

Exhibitions, performances, literary and movie nights, public debates and other cultural events have been held here, but there is one thing that makes Palach so important to many generations for decades now – concerts.

Therefore, the concert season is an important part of Palach’s life. Many organisers and promoters worked in the club during the last season: Distune Promotion, Ri Rock, Škatula association, SCC University of Rijeka, as well as other associations within Molekula. All of them brought to life some of the following events: Grant Hart, singer Nina Romić, Bolesno Grinje, Ponor, Chris Eckman, Cult of Youth, Drekka, Seven Mouldy Figs, Ri Rock festival, RED FANG, The Shrine, Lord Dying, Impulse festival in which the legendary Japanese post-rock band Mono performed, Wovenhand, and many others. KopajOvo! (DigThis!) kolektiv organised monthly parties which hosted obsessive compulsive DJs with a heavy diagnose of collecting rare vinyl of all genres.

Škatula and Ri Rock association, together with Metalsound Music and Hammer and Tongs booking i promotions organised a series of concerts named „Triple Thrash Terror“. TTT hosted Chronosphere, Battalion, LIV, Krematorium, Narednik Lobanja i Vod Smrti, Eruption, Suicidal Angels, Dr. Living Dead, Angelus Apatrida, Toxic Waltz.

These two associations also came up with a completely new series of concerts named ‘’StoneRIzacija’’ (Stonerisation) which specialised for stoner/sludge/rock/drone/kraut/post-rock/post-metal/experimental genre and hosted artists from all over the world. Plateau Sigma, Echo, Summoning MorbidHead, Uma Thurman, Navel, Lost Lucid, Greenmill, Tesa, Asheraah, She Loves Pablo, Prehistoric Pigs and many others.

Music – activist festival “No Pasaran III” prepared free meals for homeless people called “Food, not bombs Rijeka”. In the club and SCC gallery the following programmes, exhibitions, debates, projections and vinyl fairs were held: “Antifascist days”, “transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP)”, “Places of memory: between history and oblivion”, workshop for mentalist techniques with Kurt Demey (Belgium), debate “Challenges of the club music scene”, “Copyright laws in music”, “Čujemo s(v)e vidimo’’ (We hear and see ), and many others.

From all this we can conclude that YCC Palach continues to be a live culture which does not follow strict rules and paths.