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he volunteering programme in Molekula's places – YCC Palach offers an opportunity to get some practical experience in various fields; It is aimed for youth with various professions and interests who enrolled or are graduating a university programme, or have some free time in their high school.

Everyone can join whether leaning towards art history, engineering, philosophy or economy. Our goal is to create an established team who will breathe a new life and potential in these already iconic places.

The programme lasts for one club season and includes various positions:

a) club worker

Job description:

  • Gear transfer and stage work (amps, PA system, drums, protection fences, etc.)
  • Club’s programme activities (entrance, backstage entrance, merch stands, etc.)
  • Cuisine activities (cooking meals for artists)
  • Distribution of promotional materials (flyers, brochures)
  • Cleaning the place

Expected results:

  • Successful organisation of a concert, or any artistic programme, careful handling of equipment
  • Participating in the programme of other members and gathering organisational experience
  • Possibility of learning culinary basics and dispersion of activities on all segments of organisation
  • Higher public attendance of the programme
  • Clean and tidy club

b) marketing

Job description:

  • Creating a marketing plan and controlling its realisation
  • Supervising all marketing activities (Facebook, Goole Analytics, AdWords, Newsletter, etc.)
  • Tracking and analysing media coverage
  • Preparing all types of promotional materials
  • Administration of all club’s profiles

Expected results:

  • Analysis of the current marketing structure
  • Creation of a uniform system of marketing activities
  • Management of a list of published information
  • Unique promotional materials
  • Uniform work on all profiles

c) programme recording

Job description:

  • Recording events in the whole club
  • Editing recorded material
  • Possibility of gaining additional experience

Expected results:

  • Published works on Molekula’s web pages
  • Opportunity to work with experienced members of Molekula Alliance
  • Possibility of additional engagement with members of Molekula Alliance

d) art security guard

Job description:

  • Setting up various exhibitions
  • Guarding exhibited material
  • Working with famous and less famous artists

Expected results:

  • Gathering experience in gallery production
  • Opportunity to work with experienced members of Molekula Alliance
  • Possibility of additional engagement by widening your network


  • Will be held at the beginning of the programme season (September 2015 – June 2016) in Palach and will cover the topics of job positions and time schedule
  • Mentorship in realisation of activities by gallery coordinators and members of Alliance of associations


  • According to the finished programme (in the written form)

Working time:

  • According to the programme (before and after the event, night work, 4 hours maximum)


  • Dedication to the goal and statute (founding act) of the Alliance
  • Responsible work
  • Reliability in completing dedicated tasks
  • Keeping information about internal activities of the Alliance members and information regarding YCC Palach
  • Readiness and responsibility of volunteers to independently seek information about the programme
  • Respecting differences regarding one’s sexuality and/or nationality
  • Ambition
  • Seriousness in work
  • Logical thinking
  • Punctuality

For his/her work, a volunteer will get

  • Possibility of participating in all programmes of Molekula’s members
  • Free entry on the events organised by Molekula’s members, according to the working hours (more work, more free events)
  • Specialisation in producing various types of programmes
  • Experience in organising various cultural activities
  • Recommendation letter about experience gained through volunteer work


Become a part of the volunteering team of Alliance of associations Molekula - YYC Palach!

Join a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in one of the following positions: a) club worker, b) marketing, c) programme recording, d) art security guard

Volunteering conditions: applicants must be more than 16 years old and must have at least some free time to participate in programmes in YCC Palach!

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