YCC Palach

YCC Palach

Youth cultural centre Palach is the pride of Rijeka’s alternative scene and one of the oldest forts of urban culture in the region, uncompromisingly dedicated to the cultural development of Rijeka city, Kvarner region and the whole Croatia. During the last half of the century numerous regional, European and world artist stood on its stage, while the bar and the dancefloor raised many generations who always emphasize its influence on personal and collective development of Rijeka’s musical scene.

In today’s turbulent times of economic and social crises, new cold wars, ruthless marketing and dominant propaganda of numbing the collective consciousness, a place like Palach is necessary more than ever. A youth centre in which every individual can dive and ride the sound waves, creatively express him/herself, without getting judged, thus creating new values instead of uncritically consuming popular art whose main goal is profit.

The goal of YCC Palach is free and opened access to its spaces, usage of which does not depend on any genre or style, but positively influences its environment and surroundings. Musical programmes, student exhibitions, movie screenings, alternative theatre shows, creative workshops, public debates, conversations about actual topics and educational programmes are just few of the activities that are being held in the club’s place. Management and coordination of the place are handled by the Alliance of associations Molekula and Student cultural centre, long time cultural workers and activists, who proved their dedication to integration and help in organising various cultural programmes. The guiding idea is to establish a multicultural dialogue and enable equality and equal possibilities to all interested groups who share our vision.

Based on the mutual programme, we seek to achieve more synergy within the independent and student culture, mutual support for the development of quality as well as positioning of Palach as a space in which all projects could come to life with minimal fees and maximum professional organisational and technical support. The team was a part of every relevant cultural event in Rijeka’s area while its professional experience and positive spirit will be the basis for the future clubbing season.

In Palach there are two concert venues whose programme is made by associations, which are a part of Molekula for years now: Distune Promotions, Ri Rock, K.LJ.B. and Škatula, but in the development of the programme many other independent promoters also continue to work. There is also multifunctional gallery managed by SCC and, except art

exhibitions, it is intended for movie screenings, discussion, conferences and other activities aimed for the development of the civil society.

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