Q: How do I get to Palach?Kako doći do Palacha?

A: Check the “How to get to YCC Palach” section, you can find detailed instructions there.

Q: The weekend is coming, help me have some fuuun!

A: Quickly click on the “Events” section, you can find all information about the upcoming gigs and parties, as well as other events you can be a part of.

Q: Where can I buy a ticket for the concerts and what if all the tickets are sold?

A: Pre-sale tickets can be bought through Entrio system, and if the concert is not sold out, you can find them at the club/concert entrance. If they’re sold out, you will have to find a good connection or a person who might be selling them on Facebook event or in the club.

Q: When does my favourite obscure electro-hard-melody-gipsy-core-ska-metal band play?

A: You can find all info in the ”Events” section, but all details are most often published on the Facebook event as well. Don’t have a Facebook account? Lucky you!

Q: When is the last call for drink rounds?

A: We would be happiest if we don’t need to close, but we have to sleep as well. However, you will find a bartender between these intervals:
Mon – Thu: 08:00-00:00
Fri – Sat: 08:00-04:00
Sun: 08:00-00:00

Q: You know that it is the recession, right? How much will my wallet suffer after one night?

A: Don’t worry, you can’t spend more than what you got. We always have some special offers and happy hours during which our already friendly priced drinks are even cheaper. We take those plastic cards as well. Find out more in the ”Bar” section.

Q: I lost my jacket / wallet / keys / bra, what should I do?

A: Take a stroll through Korzo and back to Kružna (Circle) street. Ask your beloved bartenders if they found something. If you find what you’re looking for, you can order a drink to celebrate, and if you don’t find, order something to ease your sorrow. Either way, if you order something it will do you good.

Q: What about smoking in the club?

A: You can poison yourself with nicotine in the first and second room, but it is forbidden to smoke in the third room. But remember, like Thom Yorke said: ”You do it to yourself, you do. And that’s what really hurts.” If you run out of cigarettes, tobacco, rolling paper or filters, you can refill at the bar. As for some other herbs, they are forbidden by current laws, so be careful.
See club’s rules.

Q: I have a new band / idea / programme / show and we want to perform. How do I book a gig?

A: We’ve been waiting for those like you! Check out the ”artist” section, you’ll find a form to fill out with all necessary information about your idea. After that, we’ll find the best way to make your idea come to life.

Q: I write concert reports for a music portal, how do I get my press accreditation?

A: Nice of you that you want to cover an event here. In the section ”press” fill out the form with your personal and press information, and we will confirm your request in no time! It would be nice to write and link us an announcement of the event.

Q: I can’t find my question here! What do I do?

A: Feel free to contact us via the contact form. We will gladly answer your questions.