How to get to YCC Palach

Even though it’s somewhat hidden from the curious eyes with the walls of the legendary Kružna (Circle) street, Palach is located in the very centre of Rijeka, like a heart that pumps positive vibrations through the rest of the city. Right next to the Erste Bank (ex. Rijeka’s bank) on Jadranski square follow the suspiciously narrow street to find this alternative and underground oasis.

From the bus station Žabica you can take an easy 5 minute stroll to get to it, while from the train station it takes around 15 minutes, or just one bus stop with any bus going in the city direction.

Public transport

You can get easily to Palach with the public transport because most buses stop at the centre – just where you need to drop off.


If you are coming with the car, there are a few parking lots to choose from, just don’t forget it after a great night. If you don’t own a car, you can always call a taxi service which operates in the city area. The price of the taxis is around 3 € for 5km.


In the near future, there will be a teleport pad in the club so you can make it for the last round of drinks, all at the speed of light. Our recommendation is, of course, a bike as the healthiest and the ecological transportation. However, beware of the big uphills throughout the city.